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Movie #2 : “The Dirtbike Kid”

1.  Download this worksheet on Color and Theme

2.  Write all your answers in Red on the Word document

Download link here:




Movie #1 : “RAD!”


Assignment #1 For Movie #1:  

Download this Plot Chart.  Print it out, or embed the photo into OneNote on your tablet and fill in the Plot Chart with details.  See the worksheet below this worksheet for an explanation of what each of the sections of the Plot Chart mean (ex



Elements of Fiction


Common Literary Elements

  1. Plot: It is the logical sequence of events that develops a story.
  2. Setting: It refers to the time and place in which a story takes place.
  3. Protagonist: It is the  main character of story, novel or a play e.g. Hamlet in the play Hamlet
  4. AntagonistIt is the character in conflict with the Protagonist e.g. Claudius in the play Hamlet
  5. Narrator: A person who tells the story.
  6. Narrative method: The manner in which a narrative is presented comprising plot and setting.
  7. DialogueWhere characters of a narrative speak to one another.
  8. Conflict. It is n issue in a narrative around which the whole story revolves.
  9. Mood: A general atmosphere of a narrative.
  10. Theme: It is central idea or concept of a story.

1. Download this plot chart to your tablet.  
2. Place it in OneNote.
3. Type on top of the plot chart to fill in the boxes and complete the plot chart on the movie or short story we are reading.