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Letter to Rick Penny

See the letter below as a formula for writing your own letter to Rick Penny.  Use google docs and choose a Letter Template.  Then, use the ideas you see in this sample letter to write your own letter to Rick Penny about how he should use the Zorro Circle to achieve his goals.

Paragraphs in the Essay:

Paragraph 1:  Type Rick Penny a letter.  Explain how he should use the Zorro Circle to accomplish one big goal of his.

Paragraph 2:  Explain how the Zorro Circle has helped you reach one of your goals.

Paragraph 3:  Finally, give Rick Penny encouragement and remind him what you suggested he should choose to focus on for his Zorro Circle, and then tell him one last positive word of encouragement.

Example Essay:   


Letter Writing-

Common Core State Standard: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.9-10.2

Writing Assignment:  
1. Download the sample letter to Eddie here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
2. Click theEnable Editing” at the top of the page (in yellow) after you download and open the word document.
3.   Erase the lines in the sample letter, and finish writing your thoughts for Eddie in the blanks.
4.  Check all grammar mistakes that we have worked on all term:
-Begin every sentence with a capital letter
-End every sentence with a period
– , but
– use apostrophe’s correctly with conjunctions (for example: I’m, he’s, shouldn’t, didn’t, won’t)

Note: if you can’t download the word document, use the model Letter format below: Letter to Eddie