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3 Secret Principals of Good Fortune


1.  Read the article below.    2.  Answer the questions about the reading

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. ~ Seneca

by Mary Jaksch

Do you dream of a lucky break? Maybe you want to get that special job or special opportunity?

We often think of luck as something that happens randomly. And maybe that’s the case when it comes to lotto. But if you want good fortune in your life, there are things you can do to become fortunate.

I tend to have good fortune. That’s because I follow three secret principles that lead to good fortune. They are powerful.

  1. Create good fortune for others
    Most people think of getting and having as a key to good fortune. That’s like thinking that you are the center of the universe and you expect good things to flow towards us from all sides. In my experience that’s not what creates good fortune. The secret is to turn your thinking around and consider what others need. And then to take action.The first principle of good fortune is to enable good fortune for others where you can.
  2. Meet good fortune half way
    As I said before, I tend to be fortunate. And – boy – do I work hard for that good fortune! My sense is that we need to meet good fortune half way. That is, we have to put our heart and soul into a venture, to do our utmost. That effort attracts good fortune.It’s not enough to dream big, visualize outcomes, or set goals. In the end what counts is hard work. If I look at the instances where I have not had good fortune in my life, it was in areas that I wasn’t passionate about, and didn’t really put a lot of research and hard work into.The second principle is to meet good fortune half way
  3. Be positive 
    Good fortune comes to those who are positive. If you’re a whinger or a whiner, you may be keeping good fortune at bay, instead of inviting it into your life. Whatever you see as ‘the story of my life’ is going to come true. So, if story about your life is that you always draw the short straw – that’s how it’s going to be in the future. If, like me, the story of you life is that you tend to be fortunate – then that’s going to shape the rest of your life.
    .The third principle of good fortune is to keep a positive attitude.

But what about when bad things happen?

Sometimes bad things happen. But we can learn and grow from whatever life throws at us. The important thing is to focus on the positive outcome. Sometimes that can be hard to see when we are in the middle of a painful situation. In those times I tend to ask myself, ‘What can I learn from this?’ That lesson can then become a new seed for good fortune.

Let go of negative stories
The most important thing is to let go of negative stories. So many people carry grand personal stories of how they were wronged, how they were betrayed, how they had bad luck. Such stories keep us trapped in the past and shut us out from good fortune in the future.

If you carry such stories, ask yourself, “Am I willing to give up this hard-luck story?” You may find that the story is seductive. Because our grand stories tend to define who we think we are. Can you live without this story? Could you never mention it again?

If you want to release yourself from bad luck in the past, you need to give up your negative stories. Whenever you notice that your mind is consumed by them, or when you become aware that you’re retelling it to others, say firmly to yourself, “I let go of that story now.” Then focus on something else.

If you follow these three secret principles, you will find that you attract good fortune.

And not only that. If we live according to these three principles, we create happiness for ourselves – and for others. Seneca was right: luck is when preparation meets opportunity.


1.  Explain a time in your life when you’ve been lucky.

2.  Explain a time in your life when you’ve been unlucky.

3.  Choose a passage (a line) from the reading that explains how luck works.

4.  Based on the reading, how would you explain why times when you had good luck were due to your actions, and times when you had bad luck are also due to your actions.