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Live Inspired Writing Journals


8 min starter Journals / Grammar Rule per week

Week 1 Teaching: How re-write a question and into a complete sentence

W1: , but + start sent w/ capital + end sent. w/period

W2: , but + start sent w/ capital + end sent. w/period + I’m  

W3: , but + start sent w/ capital + end sent. w/period + I’m + all contractions

W4:   all above + ;however,

W5:   all above + coordinators

W6:   all above + ,which and that

W7:   all above +  colon (lists)

W8:   1. Testing all week on above lists  (Give a paragraph or two that needs fixing, students

work all week to find all fixes)

2. Students write a perfectly grammatical paragraph


Use my instagram quotes on the right of every page as the topics:


Example quote: “Don’t let others who have given up on their dreams, talk you out of yours.”

Example sentence starter:   “When I read the quote, “(write quote here),” it makes me feel/think ______________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________.

This quote speaks to me because _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________.

Example write up: 

“When I read the quote, “(Don’t let others who have given up on their dreams, talk you out of yours.),” it makes me think about Donald Soder who is a surfer in my town.  The other day, he was putting me and a bunch of guys down for shooting surf photos at some local secret waves.  Donald, one of the best surfers in town, maybe the best…maybe, but anyway, he was being really disrespectful and trying to cut down my dreams of being in the surf world.  The thing is, he’s over 40 years old now and fading.  He’s starting to see that other people will soon take his reign as the best surfer in town.  It seems like he’s given up on his dreams to still be in the surfing industry, but why should that effect me?  My goals should be my goals and have nothing to do with his thoughts about my dreams and goals, right?

This quote speaks to me because it’s just the perfect advice that I need at this point in my life.  I’ve really wanted to be a big part of the surf industry, and I’ve made it a very long way by being determined and putting my head down.  There is a lot of drama in the surf industry because there is so little room at the top.  However, that isn’t my problem.  If I have the determination to make it, that only has to do with me.  I love this quote because it inspires me right now, right this second, to stay true to myself.  I will always push hard towards high level goals, just for the idea of pushing myself hard!  Here we go!!!