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Siddhartha Questions pg 3 – 11

Answer these questions

  1.  Describe what Siddhartha looked like:
  2.  Who was Siddhartha’s best friend?
  3. Was Siddhartha a leader or a follower?  Give an exact quote from the book to support your answer.
  4. Was Siddhartha happy? Give an exact quote from the book to support your answer:
  5. Who is Atman?
  6. What happens when Siddhartha tells his father that he is going to go live with the Samanas in the forest?

Metamorphosis Quiz pg 93-97


Answer these questions

  1.  What is a vermin?
  2. Describe Gregor’s life with a few descriptive words from the story:
  3. What time does Gregor’s alarm clock usually ring every morning?
  4. Does Gregor think it’s good to wake up early every morning?  Find a quote from the reading and write it as your answer to prove your answer.
  5. Who does Gregor live with?
  6. What does Gregor think is wrong with his voice?

Similes and Metaphors

  1. Assignment: Look at the Simile and Metaphor worksheet below.  Create 6 sentences like the ones below.  Choose your own ideas, but use these as a model to help you.  

2. Write all of your answers in your folder, directly on your folder. 

3. Similes and Metaphors:  What’s the same?  What’s the difference?

Both Similes and metaphors compare two things.

However, Similes use the words “like or as” when comparing, and metaphors don’t!  It’s that simple.  See the example below, and then create your own chart.

similes v. metaphors.jpg