Essay Topics + Model Essay


  1.  What are your three favorite flavors of ice cream? 10/16/18 (See Model Essay below)
  2.  What are your three favorite days of the year? 10/22/18
  3.  In your opinion, what are the three best parts of life? 10/24/18
  4.  What classes in high school have you disliked the most? 10/25/18
  5.  Why do you think doctors push medication rather than meditation and exercise?
  6.  Practice Writing a hook.  Click this link to watch the video: Click Here to Watch 10/29/18
  7.  What do you think is better for students, big schools or small schools, and why?
  8.   Do you think social media is a good thing or bad thing for teenagers? 10/31/18
  9.  Do you think the age limit to drive should be Sixteen, eighteen, or twenty-one? 11/5/18
  10. Why is it so hard to be patient? 11/7/18
  11. Do you think Marijuana should be legal or illegal? 11/13/18
  12. What are the benefits of exercise? 11/26/18
  13. Why do you love your cell phone? 12/3/18
  14. Can happiness make you smarter, get sick less, and make you more successful? 12/5/18
  15. What do you wish could happen RIGHT NOW?! 12/10/18
  16. You can actually become addicted to your cell phone?  Explain how to your classmates in this essay. 12/12/18
  17. What does your ideal lifestyle look like in 10 years? Discuss where you’ll live, what you’re house or apartment will look like, and where your house will be, in an ideal situation.  12/17/18
  18. What did you learn in this class? 12/18/18

Model Essay

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