Near-Misses Make You Stronger!! – That’s us!!


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1. Read the article below, then write the sentence starters I have below, and finish them with your answers.

2. In the article, “How Early-Career Setbacks Can Set You Up for Success, Failure is just part of the process,” by Tim Herrera, the author states that people who barley miss out on something early in their career …

3. The article also says that people who fail early in their careers come back stronger because…

4. There is actual science behind this study, it says that people who barley miss, when they’re at the beginning of their career, are more successful than people who barley succeed early in their career because …

5. You came to Delta because you fell behind early in your career. This article states that falling behind early in your life/career will make you way more successful in your life, describe why you agree. I agree that I will become very successful because of my early setbacks because…

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