My Happiness Toolbelt

This assignment can be completed on a piece of paper, or using the computer to compile actual photos of you and your friends.  There are two sides to this assignment.

When Finished: Email the project to me:

On the front of your paper, you will create a visual representation of your Happiness Tool belt. The tool belt needs to have a section for each element in the 21 day happiness journal. See the example below for the 6 sections.


On the back of the paper, you will need to write a sentence using the Literary Devices listed on the backside of the example below. You will be explaining your tool belt with literary devices to explain how much the tool belt means to you. See the example below.

On the front of your paper: photo
On the back of your paper:
photo 1
 The Project below would receive a 20 out of 50 gradephoto 2
Work in Progress: The example below was made using the “Paint” program

my happiness tool belt


Search for photos from this link for downloads:

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