Share Your Story of Positive With Shawn Achor

As a class, we just completed 21 days of working to re-wire our brains to be more positive.  For today’s assignment, I want you to write Shawn Achor a letter to share your story.

Assignment Details:

1.  Download the attached document for a model of how to write a letter to Shawn Achor.

screen shot thank you shawn achor

2.  “Enable Editing” at the top of the Microsoft Word Document

3.  Erase the lines, and fill in your answers to the sentence starters.

4.  “Save As” the document “Your First Name, Last Name, Thanks Achor”

5.  Keep the document saved so that you can email it to Shawn Achor tomorrow.

6.  Print the document and hand it in.

7.  Go to this link and submit your letter to Shawn Achor on his website.  Make sure to “Browse” and attach the document.

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