Create a Healthy Menu for Yourself and Others

Here's a quick example menu.
Here’s a quick example menu.

Eating healthy is a major part of mental health, and, therefore, happiness.  In your pursuit of happiness, you’ll learn that eating healthy is a major part of this puzzle.

From our research we learned that fatty foods from this video (, like Enchiladas, are greesy and not very good for you.  Now that being said, Enchiladas are my all-time favorite food!  So…I’m going to eat them; however, we also know, from our research on healthy foods that if I ate enchiladas everyday, I would gain weight, and it would effect my bowl movements and my mental state in a negative way.

Yet, there must be a way to make a healthy enchilada, with healthy ingredients, right?  And of course, there is.  In fact, Natural Cafe makes a healthy choice black bean and chicken enchilada, which happens to be my favorite meal on their menu.

Again, if you haven’t watched this video yet, do so now before you begin.

1.  Create a menu with healthy foods in creative ways.  For example, if you like Enchiladas, like I do, then you might want to look at their menu, and add those ingredients to your enchilada entree on your menu.

2.  Your menu: You must create a menu of at least 3 healthy breakfast items, 3 healthy lunch options, 3 healthy snacks you could eat throughout the day, 3 healthy choices to drink, 3 healthy options for dinner, and 2 healthy options for dessert!!

3.  Your menu must also include photos:  At least 1 photo per category (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert).

4.  Explain how your made your menu healthy and “Why” it’s healthy by using proof from the video : “5 Foods to Never Eat” ( )

5.  Make one of your dishes from your menu for the class “Healthy Entree Party!”

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