Cahsee Rubric

1.  Study the writing rubric for the CAHSEE writing assignment above.

2.  Open up OneNote.  Today you’re going to take notes on essays you’re going to read.

3.  Now, we’re going to read the 8 student essays on the “Student Essays” Link at the top of the website.  I want you to read each essay, and come up with a score for each essay based on the rubric.  Give a score between a 1 and  4.  Then, write a reason, based on the rubric, that you gave that essay that score.

4.  Now read my essay, what score would you give it for a score and why?

5.  After reading all the essays, and my essay, and reviewing the CAHSEE Writing Rubric, what have you learned that you need to add or change for your essay to make your score go up for the CAHSEE Writing Exam coming soon?



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