Positive Peer Pressure



1. Read both articles below about positive peer pressure and Teen Decision Making and Brian Science.

2. Answer these questions in OneNote on your tablet.
A. Describe a time where you’ve made a bad choice because of negative peer pressure.
B. Describe a time where you’ve made a good choice because of positive peer pressure.
C. If the secret to life is being positive and around positive peer pressure, how does this effect how you might plan your life as far as “Where” you want to place yourself in the world?
D. List 5 positive places that you know of (for example: Delta).
E. Where do we make our best decisions? Alone or with friends? Explain.
F. If we make good decisions on our own to be positive, what’s a way to make sure that we “can actually follow through and be positive when we get around other people?
G. Do have said, “You are who your friends are.” Do you agree or disagree? Explain

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