Student 4 Essay

(If the people that’s are destroying this world aren’t taking a day off then why should I?)-Bob Marley I like this quote because it reminds me of my dad because it was by his favorite artist and he use to always tell me it, even on his worst day before he passed he still told me it. So basically it is what I live by, no days off 365 u have to think like that to make it in this crazy unfortunate life we live.

I’m the only man that my family so I have a lot of responsibility’s that at time I feel like giving up but if I didn’t stay strong nobody would. My mom is by herself now n she has nobody so of I gave up she would to and I wouldn’t want that. So this one reason that I do the things I do a daily bases.

Now I have to start to find a job and start providing for my mom so we can have a place to live and also food to eat. Also I have to step up when she needs something to do it for her so she will have it easier and less stress on her. Also I know if start I wouldn’t be able to get back from it So I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I took a day off id fall back to square off so why put myself in the passion by just avoiding it n trucking threw very day. And it keeps me saying and pushing myself every day so I guess it’s no days off.

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