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“Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it.” – Unknown

Firstly, I chose this phrase because of its real meaning on life, as life is short not many people love it, and love is rare but many people let it slip through their fingers. With that being said the first two fragment sentences open-end my eyes as I realized for as much as I love life I have just as much hatred towards life. The love part I feel as if I grab it, but I barely feel warmth from it. I think this will help me in life to try my hardest to turn the bad to good out come so there’s nothing but love for life. Then with that hopefully I could really feel that real love.

Secondly, in this phrase it said “anger is bad, dump it”. This could go a long way if you can handle getting rid of your anger as for sum it is harder to drop the anger than keeping it. Because in everyone’s eyes life is different for that individual. With reading that fragment now I know that holding anger in is like not taking out the trash, its messy stinky gets in the way and just needs to be “dumped”!

Thirdly, “fear is awful, face it”. For some their fear keeps them from moving on in life. Then there’s toughs who face their fears every day. Fear is what you make of it but without fear what is life. Fear is how people build confidence and self-strength to do what you want in life. The biggest fear you have to fear though is yourself.

Finally, “memories are sweet, cherish it”. As unforgotten memories tend to be the best memories. Then some people have trouble living outside the past. I think everyone should be cherishing there memories as you can always look back but never look ahead. Memories don’t have to be the best of things in your life good memories are the times when you look back and remember yours or others happiness

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